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Preventing Identity Theft with Document Shredding

Now more than every identity theft is on the rise and this is not just something individuals need to consider, but companies too. Small, mid-sized, large, across all industries, the need to protect information is very real. Maybe it is trade secrets. Maybe it is client and customer credit card information. Maybe it is employees’ […]

Importance of Protecting Sensitive Information & Commercial Shredding Services

Protecting Sensitive Information When you consider the following industries they all have one thing in common. Law, government, healthcare, financial sector, technology, legal, manufacturing, entertainment and banking all deal with very sensitive information throughout their operations. This data need to have secure storage and when it needs destroying it needs professional commercial paper shredding. What […]

Shredding and Recycling Paper

There is a misconception about documents that once they have been shredded can then go to the recycling bins. We all want to do better in how we live and the impact we have on the environment but unfortunately when you shred sensitive documents from home or from work it cannot then go into the […]

Document Shredding During COVID-19

Document Shredding During COVID-19 These are difficult times we live in right now. People are concerned about their safety, and their families, as well as their employees. All businesses are having to change the way they operate, how certain things like document shredding, happen so that it is safe for the service you are using […]

Onsite vs. Off Site (mobile) Shredding

Onsite vs. Off Site  Document shredding is an integral part of business security. While companies are meticulous about their electronic data security, it is equally important how they handle physical data. Per the 2015 BakerHostetler Incident Response Report, a full 20% of all data breaches involve physical, paper records. There are two types of shredding […]

What business Documents Should Be Shredded? | Brisbane Shredding

What Business Documents Should be Shredded? Almost all businesses will collect, store, and destroy sensitive information. This information will typically have a range of details from clients, customers, employees, and suppliers. And, even though we are firmly in the digital age, many businesses will have a large range of paper documents. Here is where the […]