Do you need an eco-friendly and secure e-waste service in Brisbane?

At Brisbane shredding, a local company with years of experience, we offer comprehensive e-waste disposal solutions. From old computers and monitors to mobile phones and tablets, no item is too big!


E-Waste Solutions

Secure Destruction Guaranteed


Secure Destruction Services with E-Waste Bin:

Though we may have lost some data in the past, there’s no need to worry about a prospective breach with our professional hard drive destruction services. With the ability and knowledge of how best to rid your disks from any potentially compromising information – we will be destroyed before being turned into bits for recycling!

Our bins will not only guarantee that your data is destroyed but also ensure it cannot be accessed by anyone else – whether now or in the future!


How our E-waste secure destruction service works?

Place your order

Order online or call us 1300 629 875, once you have placed your order we will contact you to arrange the delivery of the Bins. We service each location  1 day per week.

Load on Site

One of our police checked drivers will arrive to your location to load your electronical waste in our secure bins.


Drivers collect the Bins and transport to our secure destruction facilities. For your convenience, all our vehicles have GPS tracking.  

Secure Destruction

Your electronical waste will be translated to our secure facilities to be securely destroy. after the secure destruction is done it will be recycled and you will receive a certificate of destruction.

E-waste. Stick within the law

No matter what sector your business operates in, everyone is in the business of information. Whether it’s customer records, financial data, employee information or confidential documents relating to suppliers, at some point you will have a waste paper which needs to be disposed of responsibly.

These types of information are also protected by law. Their disposal is a matter of regulation and failure to follow the correct procedure can result in large fines and untold reputational damage as well.

That’s why using a commercial paper shredding service is a good way to make sure that you are fully compliant and following correct procedures.

Remember that you can always call us to confirm the expected delivery day.

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