What Is E-Waste?

E-Waste is discarded electronic products like mobiles, computers, hard drives, printers, networking drives, even things like tapes, CD’s, VCR’s and printer cartridges. This can be classed as something as small as a memory stick or a bank card.

Why Not Send It To The Tip?

Well, you can. However in doing so you leave yourself open to things like Identity Theft, Fraud, Business Espionage and Security Threats. Not only that, but remember all those photos and videos you have on your laptop?

Wait…. What do you mean??

Well, as many of us know, all computers and electronic systems have back-ups. But those back-ups have back-ups. Even when we think we have wiped clear everything possible, there is still residual files left over. Remember the in all the crime shows how the crook gets caught from his computer history? Well, it’s like that. All the information you put in, from a reminder through to your financial institution login credentials are saved on the back-up back-up memories.

So, What Can We Do For You?

Well, there are new ways to clear all these electronic devices and the information stored on them. From water, to magnets right down to stripping it to the bare basics. Some of the components are reusable. Others are disposed of in a safe way so as not to affect the environment. Did you know that as of a 2017 survey, there was about 10 tonnes of copper and 300kgs of silver just in unused mobile phones in Australian homes? What about the old desktop computer? Well, people like computer gamers like to build their own computer hard-drives that can handle the power requirements and look fancy at the same time. See how something that is gathering dust can be reused?

You Mentioned The Environment…..

E-waste, when left in the hot Australian sun, heats up and releases damaging, toxic chemicals into the air and damaging the atmosphere where we reside. This is one of the biggest impacts to the environment. When left to landfills, e-waste toxins seep into the groundwater, and pollute drinking water, rivers and oceans. This is a major issue in developing countries where a lot of the e-waste is sent. So, again, to recycle these components safely and securely makes sure we are helping our planet and each other.