Secure Document Shredding. When disposing of confidential information is very important to choose a provider that can guarantee the safety of your sensitive data. If you care about securing your customers and business information you are in the right place.  

Lockable Bins

Our Bins are lockable. The first step to protect information is restringing the accessibility to it. While companies and individuals protect their data when using it, they forget that it is equally important to do it when they s are no longer needed.

With our lockable bins, you can be sure no one accesses your information before its destruction.

GPS Tracked Vehicles

To secure your confidential documents, All our vehicles are tracked by GPS and our drivers have national Clearance. We keep track of your documents during their transit to our secure facilities. 

CCTV Monitored Facilities

We track all activities at our facilities with a CCTV system. That guarantee no one can have access to your confidential information. Once the documents are in our facilities they are destroyed by an industrial shredder. Reconstruction is not possible.

2 Weeks
Paper Shredding Bins

Min 2 bins, Max 2 weeks 
Just $72 inc GST per bin!

1 Month
Paper Shredding Bin

1 bin, Max 4 weeks 
Just $89 inc GST

Unlimmited time
Shredding Bags

2bags, No time limmit
Just $89 inc GST

Certificate Of Destruction

We provide you with a certificate of secure document destruction that can be used as proof of commitment with the Privacy Act Law

Our certificates prove you have taken measures to protect your customer’s information from data breaches. 

Years of Experience
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Secure Bins Provided


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