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Document Shredding During COVID-19

Document Shredding During COVID-19

These are difficult times we live in right now. People are concerned about their safety, and their families, as well as their employees. All businesses are having to change the way they operate, how certain things like document shredding, happen so that it is safe for the service you are using and for yourself and your employees. The key is finding a shredding service that has put in place their safety actions to protect their clients while still getting the shredding done.

An Evolving situation

As we learn more about COVID-19 it becomes more obvious that you need a service that makes changes and can evolve when the latest safeguards are recommended. Paper shredding is something that businesses and individuals still need to do.

While the virus has had a huge impact on how we work and our daily lives, rubbish still needs collecting, people need to buy food, paper still needs shredding! Letting boxes build-up is a security risk to all the people who’s information you have in there.

There are still criminals looking to steal such data regardless of the pandemic we are experiencing. You still need to protect your clients, your employees and make sure they destroy the information properly after the shredding happens.

What we have changed to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders.

  • Offer Remote shredding rather than on-site shredding. Many services offer a choice between the two, but with COVID-19 more are likely to just offer remote shredding.
  • Less contact when collecting materials to shred. Rather than you having to sign a manifest, collectors will note down the name of the authorized person that was present.
  • Visiting clients at their homes with residential mobile paper shredding
  • Some might offer a reduced charge based on the more minimal service you are getting.
  • Calling ahead to ensure clients place boxes outside so the 2-meter social distancing can be observed for customers who have a credit card on file.
  • Offering clients more flexibility in scheduling their service.
  • All staff wearing masks when social distancing is not possible or if they have to enter a building.
  • All staff should have training in minimizing interactions, washing hands, contact, and so on.
  • No sick staff.
  • All equipment needs washing regularly and especially after visiting each client.
  • Respecting any client who refuses entry into their building and organizing another pick-up option.
  • Making sure there is clear communication at all times between the document shredding service and the client.
  • Non-essential employees working from home.
  • Professional and respectful attitude to all clients with no inflammatory remarks about protective choices they have made to keep themselves and their business safe.


When looking for service for paper shredding in the past, the key concerns were things like affordability, reliability, professionalism, effective document destruction, having a recycling program, and so on.

While these things are of course still important today, also important is their response to COVID-19 and how they are ensuring they keep their clients and their staff safe as the work continues.

Our unwavering commitment extends beyond paper shredding. We prioritize your health, safety, and peace of mind, ensuring that every interaction aligns with the highest standards of care. By choosing our service, you’re not just getting secure document destruction—you’re partnering with a team dedicated to a safer, more secure future for all.

Together, we face this challenging landscape while upholding the values that drive our service. Let’s continue to navigate these uncharted waters, adapting, innovating, and prioritising safety at every turn.”

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