Methods to Shred Documents

When we are talking about methods to shred documents, the level of security is a conventional piece in your compliance and more when the confidential paper is being destroyed.

Well, some questions you need to know before deciding to destroy paper. These questions determine how thoroughly a document is shredded.

  1. What kind of documents do you need to shred?
  2. What kind of information do those documents contain? 
  3. What do you need to if hiring a professional shredding service (information destruction company).

With the above in mind, it is possible to know what level of secure destruction you need for your company.

There are some shredding options out there. However, not all are secure. Some shredders are fairly simple and ideal for everyday bits of paperwork, but not ideal for sensitive documents.

The list bellow indicates the different methods use for shredding documents, from the simplest to the most secure:

1. Strip-cut Shredding:

The most common and economical method used in offices. Normally, one shredder is used to cut the paper into long strips. But this is the lowest level security cut style. Long strips can be carefully reconstructed piece by piece. This method is not recommended to shred sensitive information.

Methods to Shred Documents Strip-cut

2. Cross-cut Shredding:

The method uses vertical and horizontal blades that cut the paper into tiny pieces approximately 10x more than Strip-cut shredders. It is true that it may be a bit secure but it is not guaranteed that these tiny pieces cannot be reconstructed.

Methods to Shred Documents Cross-Cut

3. Particle/Micro-cut Shredding:

This method uses tiny-toothed blades to grind the paper down into thousands of tiny particles. Unlike strip and cross-cut, make it impossible to reconstruct a document. Normally this method is a highly secure option for governments, banks and other agencies.

Methods to Shred Documents Micro-cut

4. Pierce & Tear Shredding:

This method uses multiple rotating blades that pierce and rip the paper apart. It is ideal and convenient for destroying a large number of documents at one time. This type of shredder is the most secure method of document destruction and it’s typically used for industrial shredding facilities. 

Methods to Shred Documents Pierce

Finally - Methods to Shred Documents

If you are looking for a high level of security to destroy your sensitive material, make sure to consider the security level before you start shredding. They are a popular choice when security is crucial, it is likely several companies provide shredding services (known professionally as “information destruction”). Some will come to your business and pick up the documents to shred while others will shred the documents at your business. Others, provide drop-off shredding services.

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