Destroy your uniforms in Brisbane

Destroying your old uniforms in Brisbane has never been easier than with Brisbane Document Destruction Service.

Brisbane accounts for more than 47 per cent of Queensland’s total jobs growth.

But if there’s one thing that associates an employee with the values of an organisation it is their uniform.

In recent years, there has been a series of crimes committed by ex-employees still in uniform. Any individual wearing a brands uniform can be seen associated with that brand.

One time, a former toll employee was seen racially abusing a politician in a Melbourne bar whilst wearing a Toll uniform. This damaged the brand and a major client of the company in return, cancelled their account, heavily impacting the revenue stream.

This poses a severe risk to your business, even more so if the uniform falls into the wrong hands.

We securely destroy uniforms and have shared the top 3 reasons why old uniforms must be securely destroyed.

Brand Reputation

Whilst this can not only happen to current employees, the impact is usually more detrimental when it occurs with former employees.

Should an employee hold a uniform after completion of a role, a public incident that is filmed or posted online can tarnish the brand reputation. Even employees with great history cannot be trusted to respect the company integrity.

Brand reputation can be tarnished by a uniformed person engaging in a bar fight/incident, traffic incident, disorderly conduct or any political rally/protest.

Security Risk

For some businesses, simply wearing the uniform is secure enough to gain access to restricted areas. Especially on construction sites and medical facilities, it is very common for trust to be given to someone in uniform. This can be detrimental if the former employee gains access to your data, operations or equipment due to this security measure.

Identity Theft

Not only can a uniform give someone the ability to steal a former employees identity, it also allows them to be associated with your company. This can mean they can engage with a regular supplier, such as Bunnings, and place an order on the businesses behalf whilst in your branded uniform. Your business would be left to hold the bill by this simply identity theft technique.

It is crucial to have a plan in place when turning over staff. All ID Badges, Uniform items/apparel, branded merchandise and recognisable equipment should be secured and then destroyed professionally.

Avoid reputational harm to your business. We offer uniform destruction and strongly advise this for all companies no matter the size who have a uniform.

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Shred in Brisbane? These are the hidden costs

Do you shred sensitive information in your Brisbane workplace? The average office shredder seems like an inexpensive way to destroy confidential documents but the office shredder can be risky and more costly than you may think.

The impact of becoming victim to identity theft, fraud and other fraudulent crimes is devastating.

Hidden costs and risks of shredding documents in an office shredder:

The shredder: This may have a fixed, relatively low up-front price tag but there are additional maintenance, replacement and cleaning costs to be considered. The shredding of large amounts of paper in-house can also produce a fine dust, affecting employee health.

Human Error: It’s only human nature to make mistakes but a mistake when shredding can be detrimental. Office shredding often leaves the decisions on what to shred up to the employees. Negligence on an employees behalf can cause significant threat to information safety.

Compliance: When shredding is done in the office, the employees responsible for the process, often do not have suitable training in document security, retention and disposal. There is also no proof of secure document destruction when shredding in-office.

Labour: How could you forget about time and productivity costs of employees when they must spend their valuable time shredding documents. Office shredders can’t handle paper clips and staples (so these will need to be removed by the employees) and documents need to be arranged into easy to shred portions then manually fed into the paper shredder. The employees will also need to empty receptacles and clean up…on the clock.

Effectiveness: Paper is often cut into long strips by office-grade shredders. These can easily be pieced back together and increase the risk of a security breach.

Some of the benefits to using a reliable document shredding service:

* Sensitive documents are removed from the workplace for shredding with industrial grade equipment so employees are not affected by fine dust.
* A shred-it-all policy reduces the risk of human error and all documents provided to a reliable document shredding service like ours, are disposed under strict guidelines.
* Staff at our reliable document shredding centres have been cleared to a minimum required by the National Police Records Check
* Compliance requirements are met by using a reliable document shredding service as a Certificate of Destruction is provided after every shred for audit purposes.
* Whole files can be shredded by a reliable document shredding service so no need to remove paper clips and staples
* Documents are cross-shredded and destroyed into fragments that cannot be reassembled before they are transferred to a paper recycling facility where they will be recycled into
paper products

Ready to protect your Brisbane business?

Brisbane Document Destruction Service is 100% Australian owned and operated.

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Does your Brisbane office destroy documents in an environmentally friendly way?

What better feeling than safe-guarding your sensitive information and doing your bit for the environment?

Brisbane Document Destruction Service’s process is environmentally friendly and approximately all of the material shred in our secure location is recycled on a daily basis.

Recycled paper is paper that has been reconstituted into paper again. We have produced millions of tonnes of shreds that are fed into paper recycling. Documents are cross-shredded and reduced into tiny fragments before being transferred to a paper recycling facility where they will be recycled into new paper products.

Each tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic meters of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy and 7000 gallons of water.

In order for our process to work, businesses need to do their bit to ensure the paper they no longer need gets to us and their sensitive documents and information are securely destroyed to avoid consequences like identity theft and corporate espionage.

Research has found the location of your shredding bin has an influence on the rate of use. If your shredding bin is in an inconvenient location, it’s importance to employees will be less. It’s also a handy tip to locate your shredding bin next to or close by to a general waste bin or other recycling bin so that employees are inclined to make use of it as it is convenient to them.

Employers and businesses can also do their bit by ensuring staff and associated personnel are educated on the shredding policies in place and are also motivated to take part in the initiatives.

A ‘Shredding Hero’ award could be given out or perhaps feedback and acknowledgement at staff meetings on how the shredding collection process is going are both examples of good ways to motivate the workplace to participate.

Choosing us to shred your sensitive documents and information so that we can benefit the environment does not only make economic sense but it makes environmental sense. Think of all the time employees could save from leaving tedious, time-consuming administrative work like shredding to the professionals.,

It’s simple to get a suitable shredding collection service from Brisbane Document Destruction Services to free your office from document clutter, boost it’s recycling capabilities and avoid a privacy breach or identity theft.

Phone us on (07) 3167 6190 to find out how we can remove the hassle and provide your workplace with the shredding tools it needs to get it’s shredding process up to scratch.


4 Steps to Cleaning your Office Desk

While we all enjoy a clean and orderly place to work, the fact is life happens. Despite our best attempts, we often find ourselves sitting at our desk with disorganised files, old coffee cups, more stationary than Officeworks and a surprising number of teaspoons. Having a simple desk cleaning routine in place will not only make you look and feel organised but also be beneficial to your health and productivity.

Studies have shown that an organised workspace can ultimately improve worker productivity by more than 50%1. It is also frightening to know that desks, where office workers spend a large proportion of their lives, are full of germs. In fact, two-thirds of office workers put themselves at risk of illness by not cleaning their workspace properly2.

A simple 4-step routine to a cleaner desk includes:

1. Remove rubbish daily – includes coffee cups, post-it notes, plates, mugs, cutlery and anything that belongs somewhere else in the office.
2. Declutter the desktop – remove anything from the desktop that is used less than once a day. This should really be limited if possible, to a computer and its peripherals, phone, notepad and one workable pen.
3. Empty drawers – File or shred old paperwork properly and throw out non-functional stationary. Returning any excess items that are reusable to the stationary cupboard or give to other staff.
4. Clean the desk properly – give the desk, office phone, mouse, keyboard, PC and chair a good clean using an anti-bacterial spray or disinfectant wipes.

Paperwork is likely to be your biggest nemesis when it comes to keeping a clean and orderly workspace. Ensure you make use of the company filing system and waste paper is disposed of safely and securely.

Brisbane Document Destruction Service takes the hassle, risk and the guesswork out of document shredding. We offer easy, convenient and cost-effective services, with lockable security bins (minimum order of two) delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport. All documents are taken to an approved site for total destruction, erasing all data.

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How to Reduce Identity Theft at Tax Time

Picture this, it’s the end of the financial year. You are doing your end of year tax return and going through endless receipts and financial records. Once all the relevant bits of paper are collated correctly, a pile of irrelevant and now unwanted paper remains. The way you choose to dispose of this waste paper will impact your risk of being exposed to identity theft.

Up to 75% of Australian’s throw away seemingly innocent documents which could be used to steal their identity[1]. Fraud from identity theft in Australia is growing and currently costs the nation over $1.6 billion each year[2]. With most people focused on digital security of personal data, discarded waste paper could just as easily allow an unwanted criminal into your life.

You may guard financial records, bank statements and photo identification carefully in your home. Yet, other less formal documents may appear innocent. Cunning thieves will use many sources of information to quickly stitch together enough information to commit fraud.

Old tax returns, even if no longer needed by the ATO can reveal vital personal information like income employers and tax file numbers. ATM receipts hold key transaction data useful in identification. And, utility bills prove your name and address which for some financial transactions contains significant identity points.

Getting in the habit of storing all your paperwork securely until it is time to be disposed is important. Having a secure disposal system is vital to ensure all your discarded personal information is safely destroyed.

Brisbane Document Destruction Service takes the hassle, risk and the guesswork out of document shredding. We offer easy, convenient and cost-effective services, with lockable security bins (minimum order of two) delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport. All documents are taken to an approved site for total destruction, erasing all data.

Call us today on (07) 3167 6190, let us tailor a document-destruction solution for your business.

1. Newspoll Survey 2010
2. Australian Federal Police: Identity Crime

Shredding: the best way to recycle documents

Two major issues we hear about in the media every day are risks to our environment and risks to our personal security. They might not seem to be connected, but did you know there’s an easy way you can do your bit to protect our planet AND protect you privacy?

Most of us dispose of our paper in council recycling bins. It’s the right thing to do, we all assume. However, is that paper really going to be turned into new paper products? Unfortunately it turns out there’s no guarantee of it. Much of our recyclable paper ends up being contaminated by non-recyclable material, rendering it useless for processors. Sadly that means it will probably just end up in landfill, creating greenhouse gases as it decomposes.

Then there’s the problem of overseas processors increasingly refusing to accept Australian material, leasing to the accumulation of vast stockpiles of waste. There’s a good chance much of this will also end up in landfill.

What about the security connection? Well, any paper document you toss into a council recycling bin will be treated to the same security standards as a beer carton — not a very reassuring thought! Sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands exposing you or your business to identity theft and other fraudulent activity.

A professional document-shredding company like Brisbane Document Destruction Service can address both of these problems in one simple, cost-effective solution. Our security is second to none, ensuring your sensitive documents never fall into the wrong hands. You can also be sure you’re doing the right thing for the environment, as your documents will be shredded then recycled into new paper products.

Contact us today on 07 3167 6190 and let us organise green AND secure document-destruction for you.

Why Should I Use A Professional Shredding Company?

We are all more aware now than ever of the potential issues that could arise from data falling into the wrong hands. This may be our personal information such as credit card or banking details and, of course, the same is the case within an office environment. Whilst it is certainly possible to purchase shredding machines for your office it is questionable whether a machine that merely cuts paper into ribbons is sufficient. Any professional criminal would find it a relatively simple task to peace the information back together.

Professional shredding companies will use industrial machinery that is capable of destroying your documents by using cross-cuts (using 2 blades) and confetti shredding. This form of shredding is almost impossible to piece back together and therefore very secure. This should give you that added peace of mind that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. Of course, there are a number of other benefits of using a professional company and these include:

  1. Restricts who has access to the information

Even with the apparent risks that are posed many companies still allow the office junior to carry out the shredding in this office. Whilst this may appear to be a menial task, this means that the junior has access to potentially damaging information. This information could be unwittingly passed onto others and criminals may immediately try to befriend this person in order to gain access to information. Using a professional company prevents this from occurring.

  1. Locked containers

The vast majority of professional shredding companies will give their clients secure bins which won’t be opened until the time of shredding. Tied in with the point above, this means that the access to the information is restricted and significantly reduces the chances of it falling into the wrong hands. Ensuring that everyone is aware of what needs to be placed in these secure containers is, of course, hugely important and something that you should inform all employees about.

  1. Receive a Certificate of Destruction

Reputable shredding companies will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction proving that all the documents have been professionally destroyed. In addition, these companies should also carry shred insurance that could be up to several million dollars. This means that in the very rare instance when mistakes are made, you will covered. It should be stressed that these types of error are very unusual indeed but at least you have to knowledge that you not left with a potential catastrophic claim.

If you are looking at employing the services of a professional shredding company you should always check that they carry this insurance and also that they do issue a Certificate of Destruction. Always be vary of companies that fail to supply this as they may be looking to cut corners at your expense.

  1. Your shreddings are turned into recycled paper

Once your documents have been shredded, the remains will be turned into mulch and then turned recycled paper or other recycled material. Whilst this may not be your primary concern, it is always good to know that you are doing your little bit to save the environment.

Paper documents – alive and well!

We’ve been told for decades that the paperless office is just around the corner, but if your workplace or home is like most others, that promise still seems a long way off.

Even in this digital age most of us store a large number of paper documents, and it seems that is the way many like it. A recent US survey found that 70% of respondents would rather manage their finances using printed documents, with 65% preferring to receive both digital and printed versions of documents.

Why does paper still play such a major role in our lives? Readability and ease of use are probably the main reasons, as well as the sneaking (if probably unfounded) suspicion that digital document delivery and storage is somehow less secure.

When you consider the types of printed documents we tend to receive, it’s easy to see how security is a real concern: bank account and credit card statements, driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies, council rates, details of shareholdings — a smorgasbord of sensitive private data for any would-be identity thief. Add to that list printed photos and a criminal would have everything needed to create a false identity.

Whether it’s your own private data or that of clients and customers, don’t risk it falling into the wrong hands. Implement regular shredding by document-destruction professionals.

Brisbane Document Destruction Service takes the hassle, risk and the guesswork out of document shredding. We offer easy, convenient and cost-effective services, with lockable security bins (minimum order of two) delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport. All documents are taken to an approved site for total destruction, erasing all data.

Call us today on (07) 3167 6190, let us tailor a document-destruction solution for your business.

Privacy laws: protect your customers and your business

With so much publicity around the mishandling of confidential data you’d think every organisation would have procedures in place to ensure private information doesn’t go astray. Yet we regularly see stories about the mishandling of sensitive details, and the results can be disastrous for the businesses involved. The risk is not just to an organisation’s reputation — there are potentially severe legal consequences as well.

The Australian Privacy Act (APA) regulates how Australian organisations handle confidential information, from collection to destruction, with maximum penalties for breaches of the law of $420,000.

Currently most businesses with a turnover under $3 million dollars are exempt from the APA. However, organisations of any size should comply with the Act to ensure the maximum protection for their clients, customers and themselves.

Overseas laws can also affect Australian businesses. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to organisations of any size collecting data from EU residents or even accepting payments in euros. Fines under the GDPR can exceed 20 million euros.

These laws are clear when it comes to disposing of sensitive data: all identifiable information must be completely, securely erased to eliminate the possibility of its falling into the wrong hands. Protect your customers and your business by using a trusted, experienced company like Brisbane Document Destruction Service.

Throughout the process your security is our top priority. Our lockable Security Bins are delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport. Staff are cleared to a minimum of a National Police Record Check. Our facilities have been checked and approved, with security-camera monitoring at all times.

Contact us today on 07 3167 6190 and let us take the headaches and guesswork out of document disposal, leaving you to get on with what you do best — running your business!

Office cleanup? Bust clutter the secure way!

A cluttered office littered with loose documents is not only unsightly and unprofessional. With the rise of identity theft and corporate espionage it’s a real security hazard.

That’s why it’s vital that in your office clean-up all sensitive documents are disposed of securely and destroyed completely.

Follow these tips to make your office clutter-busting quick, easy and secure.

1. Examine everything. You don’t want to throw out something important, or keep something that isn’t. If there’s no good reason to keep it, out it goes!

2. Digitise as much as possible. Digitised documents don’t take up any physical space at all. Store them on a cloud service like Google Drive for easy access.

3. Create a logical filing system.
This goes for both paper and digital material, and will make it easy to store documents and retrieve them quickly when you need them. For great tips on getting your filing system organised visit this site:

4. Don’t forget digital media. A CD-ROM can hold the equivalent of thousands of paper documents with potentially sensitive data. Make sure all digital media you dispose of are securely destroyed.

With a range of flexible options Brisbane Document Destruction Service can help you bust office clutter and ensure sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Our 240-litre lockable security bins make your office cleanup easy and secure. We deliver to your premises and pick up when you’re ready (minimum order two bins for up to two weeks). We also offer a convenient load-on-site service, perfect for smaller businesses. And we can securely destroy digital media including CDs, DVDs, microfiche and video tapes.

At the end of the process you receive a Certificate of Destruction — your guarantee that all data has been completely destroyed.

Phone us today on 07 3167 6190 to find out how easy and cost-effective secure document destruction can be.