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Shredding And Recycling Paper That’s The 1th Right Environmental Question

Shredding and Recycling Paper. There is a misconception about documents that once they have been shredded can then go to the recycling bins. We all want to do better in how we live and the impact we have on the environment but unfortunately when you shred sensitive documents from home or from work it cannot then go into the recycling. Small pieces of paper like that are not something the recycling plant and machinery can handle. When you shred paper it will end up in a landfill unless you find professional paper shredding services who have their own recycling practice.

Why can shredded paper not go to recycling plants?

As mentioned you would expect the paper to go to the recycling just fine, after all, newspapers and such all go through just fine. But it is not the material but the size. Shredded paper pieces are so small they cannot get properly sorted to then go through the recycling process. It is not good for the machinery and being too small to separate it just then heads straight to a landfill.

If then you cannot put your shredded papers into the recycling bin what do you choose to do, shred and then let that end up at the landfill or not shred, leaving valuable information easy to steal and earning a bad reputation for not protecting your customers and clients’ information. Even if you keep your shredded paper and try to take it the right place they will likely turn you away as the amount is too small.

Shredding and Recycling Paper
Shredding and Recycling Paper

Shredding services are the answer

The answer when it comes to protecting sensitive information and looking after the environment is to use a professional service for paper shredding Gold Coast. This is because they have a process set up already at the end of the shredding to ensure the recycling happens. This is because they bring those papers in such bulk that the facilities that recycle them can process them. A lot of paper shredding services will actually partner with recycling facilities.

You decide first how the documents are going to get to the shredding stage. Some allow you to send in boxes of documents for destruction or bring them in person, some offer mobile services where they come and shred it in front of you, and some will offer pick up services for larger amounts often, which they then bring back to their facility for paper shredding. You should then be given and be sent a certificate to verify the documents have been destroyed. Then they take the shredded documents in large amounts to a recycling provider.

Once the documents are at the shredding facility, they will be sorted and then fed into the industrial-strength paper shredder. The shredded paper is then recycled according to local regulations. So not only is your information destroyed, but it’s also being recycled properly – talk about doing your part for the environment!

Shredding and Recycling Paper – Conclusion

If you are determined to get your documents shredded to protect the data on them and to have that paper recycled, the best option is services that offer paper shredding Gold Coast. If your concern about using such options is not knowing whether the paper has really been destroyed then you can choose the options where you witness the shredding.

Here at Brisbaneshredding, we understand the importance of ensuring your data is protected. That’s why we offer a variety of secure shredding and recycling paper services to meet your needs. Whether you want to witness the shredding process or have us take care of it all for you, we guarantee that your documents will be destroyed and recycled properly. Contact us today to learn more about our paper shredding Gold Coast options!