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Document Shredding On-Site

To keep their company’s and their client’s sensitive data away from criminal hands, more businesses are opting to carry out regular paper shredding, Gold Coast and elsewhere. When you are dealing with any kind of confidential material, this is the best option for destruction and data protection. You can do it in one of three ways, off-site using a shredding company, on-site using a mobile shredding company or yourself in house, purchasing suitable paper shredding machines.

How much paper do you need to shred and how often?

When you are looking for the most responsible option to keep that data protected, shredding is it. It is far better than just chucking it away with regular garbage where it can be dug through and used for criminal purposes. Most companies opt to do some form of shredding as a way to protect themselves and the owners of that data. But some businesses do not generate a lot of paper, and certainly, if you are thinking of your home office, you likely do not have a lot of documents regularly. Personal shredding machines are great for this situation. There are also several types of larger machines suitable for the office. But larger quantities and a higher frequency of need means finding a great document shredding company is your best option.

Services for paper shredding, Gold Coast

The kind of services you require for your document destruction depends on how sensitive that data is. If you do not need to witness the process and it is okay that others working for a shredding company may handle some papers, you can have it collected and taken to their facility and shredded off-site. They send you a document confirming the destruction for your records. If your data needs absolute protection then you could have a service come to do on-site shredding. They bring a truck on which is a large shredder and dump their container you have on-site and store paper in, into the shredder as you or a member of staff observe it all. No-one gets access to the paperwork. The latter is the more expensive option.

Save time and money in the long run

While document shredding on-site is more expensive, having a service do it rather than having it done by your own staff, with machines you have to invest in, actually saves you time and money. You are not paying the wages of people spending time away from their usual work as they shred. You are not maintaining the machinery, paying for repairs, and having to replace machinery when it breaks down for good. You can still have it all shredded on-site by a shredding service. You can still witness that shredding.


Protecting the data you have collected from investors, customers, clients, employees, suppliers and so on is important. There are also now laws that make it your responsibility to destroy sensitive data properly. While buying document shredders is one option, it could be a lot easier and more cost-effective to invest in a reputable shredding service instead.