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Preventing Identity Theft with Document Shredding

Now more than every identity theft is on the rise and this is not just something individuals need to consider, but companies too. Small, mid-sized, large, across all industries, the need to protect information is very real. Maybe it is trade secrets. Maybe it is client and customer credit card information. Maybe it is employees’ social security and banking information. You are responsible to protect it all, and when it is no longer needed, to properly destroy it. The information you collect and store cannot end up in the hands of criminals. Proper precautions are now a legal requirement. You can shred it yourself, or you can look into document shredding services.

Secure document shredding is essential

Having a secure system that deals with your shredding needs is important. Your reputation is partly based on how well you protect the people who buy from you and work for you. Throwing sensitive data into a recycling bin or trash bin puts people at risk, and it puts your business at risk. While there is a lot of electronic identity theft the fact is the easiest way to steal the information they need is for criminals to look through recycling and trash bins. With it, they can open credit cards in other people’s names, get loans, and live a high life, destroying someone’s credit and name. Businesses must consider the following;

Put in place a document destroying policy so everyone is very clear on what documents need to be destroyed and what can just be thrown away. It should also make clear what those steps for shredding are.

  1. You should never place sensitive documents into recycling without first putting them through the shredding process.
  2. Find service for document shredding Gold Coast, they know what they are doing, the good ones are trustworthy and reliable.
  3. Be as proactive as you can be. Create a culture in the office where the protection of data is usual and expected.

What to look for when hiring a shredding service

There are a few steps you should take before you make a final choice in hiring a shredding service. This is worth the small extra time and effort to ensure you make the best choice. Make sure the document shredding services;

  • Carry out real background checks on their employees and carry out regular inspections
  • Issues you with a destruction certificate to confirm your documents have been shredded securely
  • Carries out excellent training with all their employees so that they understand why things are done a certain way and how it protects the information
  • Are certified to shred sensitive documents
  • Has a chain-of-custody document procedure that is secure


When you need document shredding Gold Coast it makes sense to look for those who are certified and reputable, so you know the data is safe. You can also help prevent identity theft by making sure your employees are well trained and by having policies in place that protect sensitive data.