Complete List of Records Destruction, what you need to know

Complete list of records destruction. If you still don’t know how to destroy your old records, don’t you worry! With this child’s play guide, you will be able to get rid of your old records. From free to effortless we have all the information you need to know!

Free Document Destruction Methods

There are two free methods you can use to destroy your physical records securely: Pulping your documents and burning them.

While burning may sound tempting, our advice is not to unless you are in a regional area where aren’t other available methods.

Australian regulations vary from council to council, and you may need control of burning approval.

Pulping your Documents​

Methods to Shred Documents Micro-cut

To pulp your documents, you need a bin o container able to endure the process, 2Lt of bleach, 19Lt of water and a paint turbine mixer.

Start by pouring the water and the bleach in the container, then add your documents. be sure all the documents are under the water. Leave the documents to remain in the solution for 24 hours. Then blend the documents with the paint turbine mixer. After you have blended your documents into a uniform mash spread the mash on a large surface and let the mash dry.

Then you can proceed to dispose of the mash with a simple garbage bag.

Effortless Document Destruction Methods​

Why spend your time and energy destroying documents when you can have them done at your preferred address?

Your time is your most valuable asset, so get things done quickly a properly is worthwhile.

Here are the methods to securely destroy your records at no time.

Load on site

You can hire a shredder company to load on site your documents. You only need to book a service(usually prepaid). A driver will go to your location, pick up your documents and transport them to a secure facility where they will be destroyed.

Prepaid Shredding Bins

Prepaid shredding bins are an excellent option for companies that don’t want to sign up contracts and still need to comply with the Privacy Law regulations in regards to secure document destruction. You can hire a bin for two or four weeks, the bin is delivered to your preferred address and stay onsite for the time you have hired. After that, the bin is picked up and translate to a secure facility.

Prepaid Shredding Bags

What about if you do not produce much confidential waste? Then the best option for you are shredding bags, they are delivered to you and you have unlimited time to fill them, so you don’t waste money on empty space.

Schedule Shredding Services

If your business produce confidential information on regular bases the best option is hiring a shredding services on regular bases, this apply best to business in the health, financial and real state sector. These industries are the most affected by data breaches, so if you business happen to be part of these industries hiring a schedule service is a good option.

Shredding On Site Services

Shredder companies usually offer shredding onsite services, basically a truck with a shredder is send to your preferred address, then the documents will be load in bins and then the documents inside the bin will be shred and then will be placed into the shredder inside the truck. Shredding onsite is a good option, however is more expensive because these vehicles use more fuel and the shredder will use more energy, shredding onsite start at $130 per bin and do not offer much difference in terms of security. 

Free Digital Record Destruction

Free is always good, and believed or not there are some free ways to get rid of your digital information.

The government offer a free e-waste recycling program that includes: Computers, phones, printers and computer parts. This is an excellent option if you don’t have any sensitive data to protect.

Beware, that if you have any sensitive data, the information is still under your responsibility. So if that is the case is better for you to hire a secure destruction service. 

Otherwise, just check out what is the nearest center by clicking here. Once you have find you nearest center you can go there to leave the devices for e-waste recycling. 

Purging your data

If you have windows there is an option to erase your data. 

1.0 First delete all the files you want to erase.

2.0 Choose Start→All Programs→Accessories. Select System Tools and click Disk Cleanup.

The Disk Cleanup dialog box appears.

Check on Recycle Bin and click on “‘OK” a message asking if you want delete these files permanently, Click on delete files. Windows will erase completely the files.

(This option is not secure for sensitive data)


Effortless Digital Records Destruction

If you have sensitive information the free options are not the best way to go. The good news is destroying your records in a secure manner is easy, you can hire secure e-waste destruction service that usually includes pick up and forget about it. The options for secure digital record destruction are: Degaussing and Physical destruction. 


Degaussing is a demagnetizing process to destroy data stored on hard drives. Companies that offer secure record destruction usually offer this service.  Notice that for sensitive data physical destruction is going to be required.

Having that in mind, why spending money in degaussing when at the end you will be asked to physically destroy the records? we advise you to check properly the web sites offering this service  you’ll see they are going to offer the combination  of degaussing with physical destruction. 

Conclusion: Don’t waste your money, physical destruction will guaranteed the safety of your digital records! 

Physical Destruction

Companies that offer records destruction usually have a division that involves E-waste destruction. the service is a load onsite service, they pick up you e-waste and transport it to a secure facility where the e-waste is turned apart at the point of non reconstruction. After this  process they issue you a certificate of secure e-waste destruction (This is important as is the evidence that shields you in Audits for data breaches).  So this is a very easy way to get rid of your old records.

We know you are a busy person, so to sum up  if your records are sensitive you need to physically destroy your records.

If you want to check the recommended method to destroy your records you can check Queensland government guide clicking here

Records Destruction

Records Destruction

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