Privacy laws

Privacy laws: protect your customers and your business

With so much publicity around the mishandling of confidential data you’d think every organisation would have procedures in place to ensure private information doesn’t go astray. Yet we regularly see stories about the mishandling of sensitive details, and the results can be disastrous for the businesses involved. The risk is not just to an organisation’s reputation — there are potentially severe legal consequences as well.

The Australian Privacy Act (APA) regulates how Australian organisations handle confidential information, from collection to destruction, with maximum penalties for breaches of the law of $420,000.

Currently most businesses with a turnover under $3 million dollars are exempt from the APA. However, organisations of any size should comply with the Act to ensure the maximum protection for their clients, customers and themselves.

Overseas laws can also affect Australian businesses. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to organisations of any size collecting data from EU residents or even accepting payments in euros. Fines under the GDPR can exceed 20 million euros.

These laws are clear when it comes to disposing of sensitive data: all identifiable information must be completely, securely erased to eliminate the possibility of its falling into the wrong hands. Protect your customers and your business by using a trusted, experienced company like Brisbane Document Destruction Service.

Throughout the process your security is our top priority. Our lockable Security Bins are delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport. Staff are cleared to a minimum of a National Police Record Check. Our facilities have been checked and approved, with security-camera monitoring at all times.

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