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Shredding best way to recycle documents

Shredding best way to recycle: Two major issues we hear about in the media every day are risks to our environment and risks to our personal security. They might not seem to be connected, but did you know there’s an easy way you can do your bit to protect our planet AND protect you privacy?

Most of us dispose of our paper in council recycling bins. It’s the right thing to do, we all assume. However, is that paper really going to be turned into new paper products? Unfortunately it turns out there’s no guarantee of it. Much of our recyclable paper ends up being contaminated by non-recyclable material, rendering it useless for processors. Sadly that means it will probably just end up in landfill, creating greenhouse gases as it decomposes.

Then there’s the problem of overseas processors increasingly refusing to accept Australian material, leasing to the accumulation of vast stockpiles of waste. There’s a good chance much of this will also end up in landfill.

What about the security connection? Well, any paper document you toss into a council recycling bin will be treated to the same security standards as a beer carton — not a very reassuring thought! Sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands exposing you or your business to identity theft and other fraudulent activity.

A professional document-shredding company like Brisbane Document Destruction Service can address both of these problems in one simple, cost-effective solution. Our security is second to none, ensuring your sensitive documents never fall into the wrong hands. You can also be sure you’re doing the right thing for the environment, as your documents will be shredded then recycled into new paper products.

Contact us today on 07 3167 6190 and let us organise green recycle AND secure shredding and document-destruction for you, our prices are the best.