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Why Should I use a Professional Shredding Services?

Professional Shredding Services. We are all more aware now than ever of the potential issues that could arise from data falling into the wrong hands. This may be our personal information such as credit card or banking details and, of course, the same is the case within an office environment. Whilst it is certainly possible to purchase shredding machines for your office it is questionable whether a machine that merely cuts paper into ribbons is sufficient. Any professional criminal would find it a relatively simple task to peace the information back together.

Professional shredding companies will use industrial machinery that is capable of destroying your documents by using cross-cuts (using 2 blades) and confetti shredding. This form of shredding is almost impossible to piece back together and therefore very secure. This should give you that added peace of mind that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands. Of course, there are a number of other benefits of using a professional company and these include:

  1. Restricts who has access to the information

Even with the apparent risks that are posed many companies still allow the office junior to carry out the shredding in this office. Whilst this may appear to be a menial task, this means that the junior has access to potentially damaging information. This information could be unwittingly passed onto others and criminals may immediately try to befriend this person in order to gain access to information. Using a professional company prevents this from occurring.

  1. Locked containers

The vast majority of professional shredding companies will give their clients secure bins which won’t be opened until the time of shredding. Tied in with the point above, this means that the access to the information is restricted and significantly reduces the chances of it falling into the wrong hands. Ensuring that everyone is aware of what needs to be placed in these secure containers is, of course, hugely important and something that you should inform all employees about.

  1. Receive a Certificate of Destruction

Reputable shredding companies will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction proving that all the documents have been professionally destroyed. In addition, these companies should also carry shred insurance that could be up to several million dollars. This means that in the very rare instance when mistakes are made, you will covered. It should be stressed that these types of error are very unusual indeed but at least you have to knowledge that you not left with a potential catastrophic claim.

If you are looking at employing the services of a professional shredding company you should always check that they carry this insurance and also that they do issue a Certificate of Destruction. Always be vary of companies that fail to supply this as they may be looking to cut corners at your expense.

  1. Your shredding are turned into recycled paper

Once your documents have been shredded, the remains will be turned into mulch and then turned recycled paper or other recycled material. Whilst this may not be your primary concern, it is always good to know that you are doing your little bit to save the environment.