4 Steps to Cleaning your Office Desk

4 Steps to Cleaning your Office Desk

While we all enjoy a clean and orderly place to work, the fact is life happens. Despite our best attempts, we often find ourselves sitting at our desk with disorganised files, old coffee cups, more stationary than Officeworks and a surprising number of teaspoons. Having a simple desk cleaning routine in place will not only make you look and feel organised but also be beneficial to your health and productivity.

Studies have shown that an organised workspace can ultimately improve worker productivity by more than 50%1. It is also frightening to know that desks, where office workers spend a large proportion of their lives, are full of germs. In fact, two-thirds of office workers put themselves at risk of illness by not cleaning their workspace properly2.

A simple 4-step routine to a cleaner your office desk includes:

1. Remove rubbish daily – includes coffee cups, post-it notes, plates, mugs, cutlery and anything that belongs somewhere else in the office.2. Declutter the desktop – remove anything from the desktop that is used less than once a day. This should really be limited if possible, to a computer and its peripherals, phone, notepad and one workable pen.
3. Empty drawers – File or shred old paperwork properly and throw out non-functional stationary. Returning any excess items that are reusable to the stationary cupboard or give to other staff.
4. Clean the desk properly – give the desk, office phone, mouse, keyboard, PC and chair a good clean using an anti-bacterial spray or disinfectant wipes.

Paperwork is likely to be your biggest nemesis when it comes to keeping a clean and orderly workspace. Ensure you make use of the company filing system and waste paper is disposed of safely and securely.

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